Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mwen pa renmen zariyen

Or in English, 'I don't like spiders.'  I'm not the type of person who freaks out when there are bugs, but I would prefer not to have any in my room, especially not in my bed!  There has been a big wall spider creeping around our room for a few days, and I've let it be.  Last night I crawled into bed, and realized my little 8 legged friend was hanging out on our mosquito net, right above my head (we only sleep with the net on nights when we see a lot of mosquitos, but it's always hanging above our bed).  These spiders are ridiculously fast, so I laid there until Nick walked back into the room because I wanted to make sure it didn't run off when I moved.  Nick tried several times to kill this guy, but it was to fast, so we grabbed his giant shoes and sandwiched it between the net.  Normally Nick doesn't care too much about the net, but last night he was extra careful when he tucked it in!!


  1. You better quit writing about your spiders or I will never get Paul to come visit you. There is nothing he hates worse then spiders.

  2. That would absolutely horrify me! I would have never have kept still, especially with it so close to my head!

    Sydney H.
    WHS student