Thursday, June 17, 2010

Explosive Diaper

I got an official welcome back today from Nicks favorite girl from last time!  She is around 2 and was sitting on my lap.  When she crawled down, there was diarrhea all over my leg.  Poopy Haitian diapers are the worst, they stink so bad!

Today was fun.  Nick and I are being taught all the tasks that we are going to take over.  Nick got to go to the airport and pick up the mail, which takes 3-4 hours.  A lot of our stuff came which is good!  Nick also got to go into Milot today to check on the 3 kids we have in the hospital, and brought one home.  I'm jealous that he got to go out twice today.

I had my first day of Creole lessons today (Nick was in town).  I definately have a long way to go, but I think Renel will be a good tutor for us.

We both helped with Depot, which is when we give out diapers, formula, soap, and clothes to the nannies. We do this every morning, night, and a few times through out the day.  This will be one of our jobs in a few weeks.  We haven't figured out which one of us will do it yet, maybe we will tag team it.  I also helped Amy take the temperatures of several children from the community who where not feeling well.  Amy said that she gets 10-20 people a day that come in.  As word spreads that we have a nurse again, we will be getting more and more people coming to our gate, which is good that we can help the community.

There was a little boy around 8 years old that came in today.  Something is wrong with his leg, and he has trouble walking and has to use a crutch.  He didn't have any shoes and his feet where filthy.  We found one pair of shoes, the biggest pair we had in the Depot and gave them to him.  They fit perfectly.  He tried them on, and walked around with a giant smile on his face saying Meci, meci, meci (thank you, thank you, thank you).  It is amazing how much something so small can make some ones day.  I met a lady from the community that we give money to so that she can buy medicine for her HIV.

Amy did a blood test on two of our babies today and they both came back positive for HIV.  They are too young for us to tell if this is antibodies from their moms, or if they are actually HIV positive, we'll have to do a different test in a few months to determine the results.

Today we had a painting session with the kids, which they loved, I think they got paint every where except for the paper.  Most tried to eat the brush and ended up with paint all over their faces.  It was a good day!!

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