Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Hey All,

The dinner and auction went really well last night!  We had a great turn out, almost every seat was full which is awesome.  We had people calling yesterday afternoon wanting seats and having extra donations that they wanted to give to us!  We had over 150 items; so much stuff that we barely had enough table space for it all.  It was amazing and really cool to see how it all came together!  The dessert auction was great, one item sold for nearly $200!

Nick and I have not heard the total yet, but it seems like we did pretty well!!  If we raise over the amount that we need for our yearly expenses, we will use the rest for Haiti related items.  At this point we don't really know what that will be and will have a better idea once we are there, but we want to make it clear that all proceeds will benefit the people of Haiti in some way or another.  This may include giving money directly to COTP, buying stuff for COTP, or helping out people in our community.  Almost daily we have people coming to our gate who need help with things.  They may have a sick child and need $5 to take them to the doctors, or need extra money for food that month.  Nick and I are already planning on taking some money to give out when these needs arise!

Once again, we would like to thank all the people that helped put on this event.  There was Lisa, who organized it all, Rhonda who was in charge of donations,  Tom the auctioneer, Charlotte in charge of decorating, Dan and Mackenzie in charge of the finances, Joe who cooked the food, and SO MANY MORE!!!  The entire South Ridge Community Church was very involved in this and helped sponsor the event!  We were given donations from many local companies such as G2 outdoor living, Ship Brothers, Evergreen Animal Hospital, Zebrums, the Corner Store, Tri Mountain, Lewis River Golf, Pine Crest, Pacific Boat Land, Premier Property Management, Seasons, Teriyaki Zone, Solar Escape, and SO MANY MORE!!  We also received a lot of donations from individuals!!  There were also over 20 delicious dessert all home made for the auction!  We had 19 amazing hosts and hostesses who invited guests, and decorated tables!!  We appreciate the youth who helped serve, and Kayla for helping lead that up!  And last but not least, we appreciate the nearly 200 guests that attended the event, bided on items, and paid for the outrageously expensive desserts!!

We really appreciate the help of our community for pulling together to help our efforts in Haiti!  We are beyond excited to be there in 9 more days!!

Thanks so much!!
Nick and Nikki

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