Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brazil won!!

Today has been a lot of fun, probably my favorite since we have been here.  We got up early, well early for me, it was Nicks normal time to get up, and went to Milot to pick up our babies.  Two were ready to come home but the other had to stay.  One of these is our new roommate, more on her in a bit.

The pharmacy at the hospital didn't open for 1 hour after we got there.  We all decided to walk through the town for a bit to see what was around.  On the way Nick saw a little shack that said "Barber" and decided that his hair was getting long and that he could benefit from getting it cut.  I had planned on cutting his hair, but he insisted that this was a better idea.  Well it wasn't!  This was the longest, worst hair cut I have ever seen!

The barber cleaned their razor by putting hand sanitizer on it.  Then he went to put the wrap around Nicks neck so that hair didn't get down his shirt.  This was a good idea, except all they had was toilet paper, which in this humidity, stuck to Nicks sweaty neck and he walked around with little bits of TP all over him for the next hour.  The bottom part of Nicks hair was shaved pretty short, but the guy basically forgot to do the top.  He looks like he has a bad bull cut.  He has one part that is shaved about an inch higher than the rest!  I'm trying to talk him into letting me just buzz it all so that it is at least even, but we'll see how that goes!!

Once back at COTP, Nick climbed up on the roof and set up an antenna so that we could watch the world cup game.  Haitians for some reason love the Brazil team, and luckily they were playing today.  I was in the court yard when all of the sudden I heard our nannies screaming, jumping, and dancing all over the place.  Apparently Brazil scored and they were all very excited.  All of us volunteers, all the nannies, yard boys, and children watched the whole game.  The kids were so cute sitting there so patiently!  The nannies loved it and as soon as the game was over kept telling Nick thanks repetitively!  It was nice to see the joy on their faces!

GOAL!!! from Nick Stolberg on Vimeo.

Now on to our new room mate.  She is 2 lbs, 8 oz, and just got released from the hospital.  She is so small that the premie clothes and diapers are too big for her.  She has the cutest little poop, it is also very tiny.  She really likes to be held.  So far she has been eating 25 ml every two hours which is really good! We have to set our alarm and get up with her every two hours tonight, which means we are going to be pretty tired in a few days!!

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