Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Proof of Return

As US citizens, when we go to Haiti, we have to prove that we are leaving the country.  We just tried to check in and were told that we had a problem since we only have one way tickets.  We told the guy that we aren't sure when we will come back to the States.  However, to avoid being detained, fined, and brought back to the US, we had to purchase return tickets.  We purchased the most expensive ones, $582 a piece, however, these ones are FULLY refundable.  As soon as we get through customs in Haiti, we will call American Airlines and get every penny back.  The guy was really helpful and it seems that this happens a lot because he knew exactly which option would be the best for us!  Don't want to jinx ourselves yet, but if this is the only hurdle we have to jump through than we are far ahead of our last trip to Haiti!!

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